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The Vanderbuilt is an LA inspired date mall created and owned by Meela Vanderbuilt, owner of The Monarchy & Royal Getaways.  The goal of The Vanderbuilt is to cater to those who love connecting with their friends and loved ones in a restaurant environment.

The Vanderbuilt is opening with Faith & Flower Restaurant and Bar and Aroma Cafe.  Each location is a self-serve venue where you can focus on the company you're with while having a realistic dining experience here in Second Life.

We will soon be welcoming Perch, a truly VIP dining experience and Graham Cracker Ice Cream Bar.


The idea of The Vanderbuilt came into fruition because dining out is a huge part of my RL social life.  Its how I stay connected with friends, family and coworkers.  No matter how much time we spend apart, a simple ritual meal always brings us right back together.  I began dining out in SL and found myself at the same restaurants every single week, which I'll still continue to go to!  I jsut wanted more options.  I wanted to tell a friend I was planning a dinner out without them immediately knowing where we were going.  So, I'm hoping The Vanderbuilt helps with that, especially as we open more venues!  Its so easy to fall out of touch with friends in SL as we all develop our own projects and interests.  So, why not bring it all back together by meeting up here and there for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or even just a cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream?

Meela Vanderbuilt


LanaReynolds Resident


500 W. SL Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tel 213-555-555

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